Moose Hunting

Moose hunting is one of the most popular types of big game hunting in some parts of the United States. The best season to go moose hunting is during the fall season because fall is the mating season for moose. And bulls (male moose) will be easily swayed to moose calls.
One of the aspects of good moose hunting is “knowing where the bulls are” during fall hunting season. During the moose hunting season always look for signs for an indication of bull moose. Always look for rubbed trees. Bull moose tend to rub their antler on trees to clear velvet on their antlers. Bull moose also trash the trees of the area they hang around. Also look for moose droppings. These droppings resemble cow patties during summer.
If you are going moose hunting for the first time always remember that moose have a good sense of hearing, smell and vision. These senses are the moose’s protection against their natural predators such as wolves, bears and of course, man. Pay close attention for wind direction, for the moose may try to avoid you if the caught your scent. Always sit below the skylines or close to trees and stumps. Moose can see and detect predators as far as a quarter of a mile away.
It is very difficult to spot a moose. So when glassing for moose, always look for movements for moose are seldom seen as a whole. Most of the time, only the antlers or the head or any parts of the moose are seen.
Before you go moose hunting, do not forget to eat something for breakfast before the sun rises or dinner after the sun sets. The best time of the day for moose hunting is on the early morning hours and late time of the day. Moose are active during these times of the day.
Moose are very easy to kill even if they are heavily built. Place your shot carefully whenever you get the chance to have the moose on your sights. Aim for the back of the shoulder so that you will hit the lungs of the moose. Lung shots are the most effective way to kill a moose.
The well known secret in effective moose hunting is the hunting gear and equipment. An accurate rifle with the enough caliber and carefully placed shot is the best way to hunt for moose. After you sighted and shot the moose, go to the exact location to where the moose was shot. Look for signs of blood droppings or sheared hairs on the location. Those are indications that the moose was hit or not. The moose will tend to head for a nearby body of water if they are wounded or threatened.



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