Bear Hunting in Canada

Canada has the densest population of bears throughout America. The most common species is the black bear, though Grizzlies are also widespread. These bears are so common throughout the continent, Canada and Alaska, that most outdoor sports that happen there is bear hunting.

Bear hunting in Canada was an extensive activity even in the last century though the reason for most hunts did differ. Bear hunting in Canada were reasons of vermin cleaning as bears (especially the black bears) are rampant even in the suburbs. The black bears most especially are the specie types that do not shy away from humans. Cubs are often sighted playing with humans and human related objects like tires and cars. Black bear cubs are even known to beg for food on car doors, especially on stopped cars on a woodland freeway. Black bears are seen as harmless and cuddly, even the teddy bear existence was due to an alleged occasion when Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a young black bear because it was so cute and harmless.

Though naturally harmless, black bears are also far from the image it has portrayed for itself. Black bears are never cuddly. There have been thousands of mauling and deaths resulted by black bears, especially if the human is in between its intended food.

Grizzlies on the other hand are gigantic, often reaching the mass of 220 – 1500 lbs. In contradiction from the smaller black bears, grizzlies are timid creatures.

In general, bears are very adaptable and that’s what makes them dangerous. They have proved they can coexist with humans though peace is another story. Sometimes bears will find the human as food source which results to killings of human.

Bear hunting in Canada is the government’s move to curb the exploding numbers of bear populations. Several foreign hunters travel just to take part in the hunting, which is open in spring and fall. The government though has placed several restrictions for bear hunting in Canada, dictating when and how these bears can be hunted, on what regions and the candidates for hunting.

Bear hunting in Canada are now mostly for trophy reasons. With their thick coat maturing in winter, spring is the preferred choice for hunters. So how do you prepare for the bear hunting in Canada? Be sure to check each localities’ rules and regulations. Always come prepared, if bears won’t kill you in the wild, nature will. And remember, black bears are often cute and cuddly but dangerous. On the contrary, grizzlies are gentle and timid creatures. So choose your pick, black bears or grizzlies. Me, I’d go for the blacks.



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